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FanStream Intro

What is FanStream?

FanStream is a combined platform of WEB 3.0, Social-Fi trend, Livestream, Blockchain, and Metaverse.
FanStream provides users with a new token-earning mechanism through Proof-of-See, experience services, and event organization services in which we organize music concerts, festivals, and live shows in the Metaverse space with a scale of 3000 participants.
Besides, we also create NFT Marketplace, Game Zone, Meeting idols 1:1 on Metaverse spaces

Development Base

Live-stream is no longer a strange term for people when it is considered as a billion-dollar industry, bringing huge profits to economic entities. In addition to economic values, Livestream was born to satisfy the need for social connection and bring real values ​​to the community.
With the Livestream segment, the community is always the factor that maintains the development of the market, so we always put the position of users as the top priority to develop products. Currently, in most traditional live stream platforms, users are merely viewers without receiving any profit or reward for the time they spend watching and interacting, and creators receive only a very small share of the profits compared to the contributions from the talent and creative products they create for the platform.
Therefore, We create FanStream as a flat world, a Livestream platform that shares profits fairly for stakeholders to encourage participants to maximize their creativity and bring value to the community
People regardless of social status and financial background, appearance, gender, .. all have the same opportunity to earn money depending on their own talents.
With Web 3.0 technology - a tool to help users use the decentralized web, promote individuality, data safety, and high automation on the Blockchain platform - we connect with the community in the trend of Social -Fi, and optimize the user experience in the Metaverse world. We pioneered the development of the traditional live-stream segment to a new level through new mechanisms: Watch / Live to earn (See to Earn - S2E/ Live to Earn - L2E), Livestream in the Metaverse space (Meta- Live), buy and sell NFT Market items, etc.

Which products does FanStream include?

Fanstream mechanism?

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